Chapter 9: Does Advertising Work?

There is a plethora of collector magazines that the artist may consider for self promotion. If you are thinking of advertising in the publication, you should evaluate other advertisers to see if your work is consistent with theirs. If you find some artist placed advertising, you might contact them to see how the advertisement worked for them.


American Art Collector

Monthly magazine for collectors who collect both traditional and contemporary work. Based in Arizona with South and “Southwest leanings. They include a portrait artist gallery on their website.

Southwest Art Magazine

Monthly magazine which began focusing primarily on Southwest style art, but as moved toward more general focus. Distribution is still concentrated in the Southwest and Mountain areas.

Art in America

Magazine with a contemporary focus and an East Coast distribution.

Artforum International Magazine

Generic art magazine covering all fields of art with a contemporary emphasis.


ArtDesk is a twice-yearly print magazine devoted to the contemporary arts, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, dance, film, music, and architecture.

Art and Antiques

Monthly magazine that is directed to collectors of art and antiques. Fairly traditional magazine with articles pertaining to both living and historic artists.